We do not provide products "off the shelf". We work with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they need and the end product is fully branded as their own.

We have a proven track record and work extremely well with our partners, where specialised business consultancy is required.

This is done using a combination of our pre built framework and products plus some bespoke development and consultancy as required. We will also integrate with other systems to ensure a seamless fit to the organisation. 

A few specific uses of the The Clever Cloud platform are shown below.




A government portal. The Self-Assessment portal enables agencies to complete their annual self-assessments and other reporting requirements online in an efficient and effective manner.

RemData Service

Salaries form a large proportion of any business' budget and as such need to be managed and controlled. The RemData Service gives you confidence that what you are spending is being spent in the right way.


RemData - Reliable remuneration data covering a range of positions and industry sectors across several markets

Jobscore - Job evaluation tool that can assist your organisation


A facilitation tool that helps organisations clarify their current state and look at options for change. Click here for more information.

IQ Sentient

A scalable solution that can serve as a simple survey tool through to a sophisticated sentiment tracker harnessing the wisdom of the crowd.

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