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The Clever Cloud's highly flexible infrastructure provides a sophisticated digital platform that can be adapted to your specific requirements
Flexibility       |       Efficiency      |       Simplicity
"There has been a significant amount of gratitude for the modelling work as it appears to have been a key factor in gaining Minister of Finances confidence. So thank you for your thinking, patience and delivering such a powerful tool!"
"The team at The Clever Cloud are always professional, flexible, thorough and responsive. They have developed innovative and high quality tools for our business that our customers love."

We operate in coordination with our clients

To ensure a unique and effectual final product
that can be fully branded as the client's own

This is done using a combination of our pre built framework and products plus some bespoke development and consultancy as required. We will also integrate with other systems to ensure a seamless fit to the organisation.
A few specific uses of the The Clever Cloud platform are shown below.

We are a small team with a clear focus

We only take on what we are confident we can deliver

Our Vision
"To continue to build a quality product and service that we are proud to be a part of both short term and long term."
The Clever Cloud + Smart Business
Quality Product
We enjoy work and want to continue to do so. We achieve this by working with others that share our values and drive.
Our Values
We will work hand in hand with the client to provide tools that are suitable for the uniqueness of their business.
Our Way
Individuals and interactions
over processes and tools

Working software
over detailed documentation

Customer collaboration
over contract negotiation

Responding to change
over following a plan
We aim to follow the agile methodology as closely as possible. While there is value in the items not in bold, we value the bold more.
The Clever Cloud is a small company founded in 2014 by Tom Sanderson after decades contracting in IT. Tom has been the architect behind many successful systems across various industries.
We help a range of clients through our core partners who are highly regarded professionals in their fields. These close relationships ensure our systems remain fit for purpose.

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